• DPRIQUE is a contemporary brand that seeks to blur the boundary between high fashion and streetwear while applying pragmatism.
    DPRIQUE is a compound word formed from the words DESIRE, PARADOX, and UNIQUENESS.
    As for the brand name, we started with a desire to present clothes that are conscious of combining conflicting and contradictory ideas
    such as ideal and reality, popularity and artistry, fullness and emptiness, and keeping sustainability in mind for being sensible towards fashion.

    Based on “minimalistic” designs, DPRIQUE is going to deliver new stories for every season, balancing the boundary
    between classic and trend, practical elements and challenging designs. Through observation and interpretation of culture and the phenomenon of the times,
    DPRIQUE represents youth culture and the style of the era that is oriented toward something new.
    We would like to design clothes that are simple but not too simple of fast fashion, rather than only exaggerated artistry and the visual.

    every product is made in korea